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Diversity of Thought Driving Results


Diverse teams solve problems faster and more comprehensively by bringing additional perspectives to the table.


Mission: BoardReady seeks to catapult board diversification through data, experience and network strategies.

Vision: Resilient organizations where diversity drives positive results for all stakeholders.


BoardReady Index

For investors and organizations seeking a scoring analytic that benchmarks a public or private board’s diversity.


BR Talent Vault

A secure platform for qualified individuals seeking board roles.


BoardFit Analysis

For investors and organizations interested in an analysis of boardroom diversity and actionable recommendations.


Diversity Ecosystem Growth underpins BoardReady’s core activities.

BoardReady networks our clients with partners who help US companies diversify their boardrooms, including recruitment, training and other human capital services.


Founding Senior Strategists


Deanna Oppenheimer

Founder, BoardReady

Deanna Oppenheimer is founder of CameoWorks and BoardReady.

Recognized globally as one of the most influential leaders in financial services, she’s a turnaround strategist known for her ability to transform entrenched institutions into forward thinking, customer-centric champions.

 Deanna has served on a variety of Fortune-500 and FTSE-100 boards and is currently the Chair of Hargreaves Lansdown, a FTSE-100 financial services company; senior independent director of Tesco PLC; and non-executive director at Whitbread.

She also sits on the private boards of Seattle-based Joshua Green Corporation and Vettd.  Deanna received the 2018 Diversity Champion Director of the Year Award from Puget Sound Business Journal.

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Phyllis Campbell

Founding Senior Strategist

Phyllis is an experienced director, having served on four F-500 corporate boards, which includes: Puget Sound Energy (PSE), Safeco, Nordstrom and Alaska Air Group. She has served as lead independent director on two boards and has chaired Audit, Finance and Compensation Committees. She currently chairs the Nominating/Governance Committee of Alaska Air. She also serves on numerous non-profit boards, including currently chairing the board of the U.S.-Japan Council. She is an advisory director for Toyota, NA.

Phyllis is an experienced C-Suite executive having been CEO at her two previous organizations: US Bank of Washington and The Seattle Foundation where under her leadership the size of each organization doubled. Her current executive role is as a corporate Vice Chairman for JPMorgan Chase & Co., overseeing the Pacific Northwest for the firm.

She is a graduate of the University of Washington’s Executive MBA program and has an undergraduate degree in Business Administration from Washington State University.


Charlotte Guyman

Founding Senior Strategist

Charlotte is currently serving as a non-executive director for Berkshire Hathaway as well as a member of that audit committee since 2003.

She also is a Strategic Advisor at CameoWorks and a director for a private family-held company where she is chair of the governance committee. In that role she has established a legacy governance structure.

Charlotte is on the board for as well as Brotman Baty Institute for Precision Medicine at the University of Washington where she was chairman of the University of Washington Medicine board and served on that board from 2000-2010.

In addition she has been a Trustee for the international NGO, Save the Children since 2007 where she serves on the audit, international, US programs( as chair) and executive committees.

In 2018, Charlotte won Director of the year from the Puget Sound Business Journal.



BoardReady is a not-for-profit, collective group of diverse senior leaders, dedicated to increasing corporate diversity for the resiliency of our private sector, growth of board roles for diverse candidates, and betterment of society.