Diversifying the Boardroom

Using data to drive boardroom diversity



The world is changing fast.  Is your boardroom keeping up?


We know that boardrooms with a strong gender balance and variety of perspectives are better equipped to make tough decisions, drive better financial results and anticipate the unknown more quickly. But it’s also true that progress is slow when it comes to diversifying governing boards in the US.


That’s why we created BoardReady

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BoardReady uses state of the art artificial intelligence services and data analytics to ensure you’ve got the right people, with the right set of skills, around your boardroom table.

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BoardReady provides a tailored service that examines your company’s specific needs and current board capabilities to determine where there are gaps and strengths.

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Whether you’re a corporation, non-profit or government body, BoardReady will ensure you’ve got the right mix of skills, experience and perspectives at hand to navigate the ever-changing competitive landscape.

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"One of the largest investors in the UK stock market, Legal & General Investment Management, has begun voting against all-male boards in the US."

- Attracta Mooney at the Financial Times


Our Team


Deanna Oppenheimer

Founder, BoardReady

Deanna Oppenheimer is founder of CameoWorks and BoardReady. Recognized globally as one of the most influential leaders in financial services, she’s a turnaround strategist known for her ability to transform entrenched institutions into forward thinking, customer-centric champions. Deanna has served on a variety of Fortune-500 and FTSE-100 boards and is currently the Chair of Hargreaves Lansdown, a FTSE-100 financial services company; senior independent director and remuneration chair of Tesco PLC; and non-executive director at Whitbread and AXA Group. She also sits on the private boards of Seattle-based Joshua Green Corporation and Vettd. 


Michael Buhrmann

Chairman & CEO, Vettd

Mike Buhrmann is a serial entrepreneur and angel investor. He has founded and sold over a half dozen companies with almost a billion dollars of exit value. He has also held executive positions at McCaw/AT&T Wireless and Openwave. He is currently the Chairman and CEO of Vettd.

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Jennifer Zubeck

Strategy & Product Design

Jennifer is a problem solver with experience working at the intersection of strategy and product within organizations. She brings a combination of design engineering, business and program management expertise to BoardReady.

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