About BoardReady

BoardReady is a not-for-profit dedicated to increasing corporate board diversity. Founded by Senior Strategists Deanna Oppenheimer, Charlotte Guyman, and Phyllis Campbell, BoardReady works with clients to improve board diversity through the BoardReady Index (BRI), BoardConsult Analysis, and BoardReady TalentVault.  

Clients receive a BRI score which benchmarks a public or private board’s diversity automatically through an algorithm that accounts for gender, race, age, age span, and tenure. The company's BRI score is then compared to their BRI peer set. Using background provided by the client, Senior Strategists deliver a clear diversification succession strategy. From the TalentVault, a curated group of qualified, diverse candidates, and strategic leader networks with a talent pool in the tens of thousands, the team builds a shortlist of potential candidates to present to the client. BoardReady reaches out to candidates that are of interest to the client and makes introductions to the relevant client point of contact.  

Our female founders are seasoned private and public board members and executives with experience in Fortune-500 and FTSE-100 boardrooms. Their board experience spans the globe and includes Berkshire Hathaway, Brooks Running, Hargreaves Lansdown, Tesco, Thomson Reuters, Safeco, Nordstrom, and Alaska Air Group. Using a board member to board member approach, BoardReady stays highly relevant and impactful to the companies and partners it works with.