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New analysis from nonprofit BoardReady in partnership with Bird’s Eye View Ltd. shows strong positive correlation between diverse boards and company progress on climate change

By: Simran Jeet Singh, Harvard Business Review

The U.S. stock exchange has won approval for a new rule that requires corporate boards to become more diverse. Now companies must implement that–and go beyond the numerical requirements and box-checking to create a thoughtful, purposeful solution.

By: - A Forbes Company

Women-owned companies don’t only do greater good for people and the planet; they also help the economy and, ultimately, the markets. Still, few female founders receive the funding they need to succeed. But investors, both professional and retail, are wise to invest in women-owned and -led businesses.

By: Kristen Bellstrom and Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune

The first is from a nonprofit called BoardReady and zeros in on corporate boards. According to its new analysis of data from S&P 500 companies, there’s a strong correlation between board diversity and revenue growth during the pandemic.

By: Charisse Jones, Jayme Fraser, and Dian Zhang, USA TODAY

A diverse board appeared to help some S&P 500 companies weather the economic downturn sparked by the COVID-19 pandemic better than businesses whose boardrooms were less inclusive, according to a new report.

By: Lisa Stiffler, GeekWire

Charlotte Guyman supports efforts like the Black Boardroom Initiative. She is the founding senior strategist for BoardReady, a nonprofit providing board diversity analytics and that helps match companies with diverse directors. As an experienced board member and former Microsoft manager, Guyman applauds the use of data and goals to drive progress.

By: Courtenay Brown, Axios

There's a fresh data point on how corporate America fared during the pandemic year. Businesses with more diverse boards came out on top, according to data provided first to Axios by BoardReady, a nonprofit.

By: Leslie Albrecht, MarketWatch

Some companies weathered the economic storm created by the COVID-19 pandemic better than others, and the diversity of their boards may have been a factor, a new study suggests.

By: Anna Meyer, Inc. Magazine

While the economy took a hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, companies that had diverse boards were better prepared to succeed against all odds. That is according to a new report by BoardReady, a Seattle-based non-profit focused on helping companies with board diversity.