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Companies with more women at the top fared better during the pandemic

By: Kristen Bellstrom and Emma Hinchliffe, Fortune

Good morning, Broadsheet readers! Emmy nominations are in, France’s antitrust enforcer comes down on Google, and companies with more diversity at the top fared better during the pandemic. Have a great Wednesday.

– Money talks. There are plenty of arguments for why companies should make diversity—at every level, but especially at the top—a priority. But since we live in a capitalist society, the rationales that really get executives’ attention tend have something in common: money.

With that in mind, I thought I’d flag the results of a couple studies that crossed my desk this week. The first is from a nonprofit called BoardReady and zeros in on corporate boards. According to its new analysis of data from S&P 500 companies, there’s a strong correlation between board diversity and revenue growth during the pandemic. Here are a couple of the top-line findings, which compare revenue from 2019 and 2020: