BoardReady Index

The BoardReady Index (BRI) is a valuable tool for companies that would like to see more diversity on their boards.

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How we work with individual companies

Private Companies

Some private companies have used the BRI to prepare for their IPOs, ensuring that their companies are in the best possible position before going public. Other companies never intend to go public but use their BRI score to improve their governance and ensure that their boards represent their employees and customers.

Public Companies

As state governments have passed laws mandating board diversity, and institutional investors have begun making board diversity a priority, public companies have used the BRI to ensure that they meet any requirements or regulations. The BRI is also optimized for reporting so that those companies that need to can easily report their boards diversity to state governments or investors.


Our three-pronged analysis sets you on the path to a higher performing, more innovative board.

BRI Ranking & Observations

We match candidates from the TalentVault and our partner networks to your corporate needs.

Our introductions highlight exceptional leader’s profiles that increase your board’s diversity while meeting your shortlist criteria. And because our Senior Strategists have taken the time to get acquainted with your board, our introductions will be tailored to your unique circumstances.

Senior Strategist Analysis

BoardReady calculates your board’s BRI Score and compares it to a peer set to provide context.

With your BRI Score, you’ll be able to see how much your board’s diversity will improve by adding a diverse board member. Your peer set will help you visualize where your board stands in comparison to your competitors and your sector.

Expanding Your Network

A BR Senior Strategist reviews the data. They will then meet with you to discuss board succession strategies and provide insights into successful diversification.

As sitting board members, our Senior Strategists can speak peer-to-peer with your board and develop recommendations that take your specific needs into account.


“Thank you for all your help and support with [said] bank. Really appreciate your help! have been super!”

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“Truly enjoy the responsiveness, knowledge and connections BoardReady provides.”

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“We were incredibly impressed with the caliber of talent in your network. And I have no doubt that an introduction/endorsement from your team made these individuals more open to considering talking with us. I'd also say the process was extremely efficient and straightforward. Good news is you did a great job for us, and we ended up with a fantastic new Board member. Bad news is I really have no suggestions on how you could improve. I'm a fan!”

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